Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Belts and bits

I finally decided on how to hold the Y-axis belt. I have used the same belt setup that you find on a Prusa, but I am only using 40mm of threaded rod. (washer, washer, bearing, washer, washer). I currently haven't added any nuts, I might add these if the wibble of the washers is a problem.

To make this I drilled holes to the required depth, and then carefully chiselled out the shape I wanted.


This left just the motor mount for the Y-axis to be made for the main frame to be complete (I’m sure it leaves loads of other bits I have forgotten about), for this I have cut out a square block of MDF 18mm by 50mm by 50mm and the drilled a mount for the stepper motor. so 4 holes 31mm apart and a 23mm hole in the centre.

(img of mount)

The motor is rotated 45 degrees so that the screws holding the mount onto the rest of the frame did not get in the way of the screws holding the stepper on to the mount.
I have drilled all the holes and counter sunk them for the frame, so I have put half the screws in to check that it is all fitting together here is how it looks now.

already it is feeling pretty solid so that bodes well. I will leave it in this state until I have tested the movement of the machine. Then I will screw and glue all the parts together.

Next: I will add the Z-axis (2 x threaded rods, 2 x smooth rods a few nuts and bolts and the printed parts),  and cut a base plate for the Y-axis

I feel it is looking good, I must get the Z-axis on my mill working, so I can make a hotend, I have a design in my head, a bit like the Jhead, but slight inverted.

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