Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cutting the bits

I have been cutting out the bits over the past week with my forty odd minutes here are there.  As said this is very much like the Prusa Mendel, the main difference being the frame is mainly made out of wood, and I am intending to keep the Z axis inside the frame.
So first here are the bits, these took me a few days to get cut, but if you had few spare hours you could get to this point.

After cutting them I noticed that my Jigsaw is cutting at an angle so something else to remedy, but I guess really that is just general use of tools, thankfully for this I don't think it should matter.

The next step will be to clean up all the cuts and then drill the holes for the motors, bars and belts, but because I wanted to see the general look at this point I just rested the bits together.

and after this I got a bit carried away and added a few other bits.

Not connected together yet, but definitely starting to look a little like what i was expecting.

I’m a little concerned by the motor mount at the front, as MDF has tendency to split when drilled in to the sides, for the rest of the frame I am using blocks in the corners to give it more strength for now I think I will just try my luck and see what happens.

I am also still pondering how to go about mounting the belt for that motor, i am currently thinking it makes sense to try and emulate the Prusa method, hmm we will see.

As you can see form the image, I intend to use the current X and Z mounting system from the Prusa, but If I am able to get to a point of good printing, i think i might switch to Emmanuel X-carriage-struder it looks very nice and sleek.


  1. I really like how you are keeping the Z-axis in the middle. I have been playing with doing my second reprap in a similar fashion, except out of metal. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Thanks, gald that some one else thinks it a good idea.