Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The New Plan

I keep intending to do lots of things, but time really puts a damper on this. So i have decided to try and spend about 40 minutes a day doing stuff. The reson RepRap this is one of the main things I want to do. partly because its quite a cool tech, but also it is an enabler of ideas, i.e. design and print.

As an incentive to myself to actually make progress I thought I would try and blog my endeavours. This is the first time I have ever blogged so sorry if it is shoddy.

First a quick bit about what is in the shed.

I have a host of run of the mill tools from doing DIY round the house, (chop saw, pillar drill, angle grinder, tap and dies, saws, drills, screw drivers... just tools) the most interesting tool is not house related and is a SiegX0 Mill, I have converted this to a cnc milling machine. (not very elegantly done)

the mill

X axis Coupling:  the X axis stepper to leadscrew link is just the inside of a choc block
Yaxis Coupling: the Y axis stepper to leadscrew link is just a bit of aluminium tube with a couple screws.
so crude to say the least. And currently not working, (as i have removed the Z motor to fix a latent backlash). The backlash in the Z axis was an issue as it would stay in the axis until it started to drive into the material. So i will be doing two items, fixing the Z axis and building a RepStarp.

My first plan was to build three Prusa, one for myself one for my bro and one for a mate at work, the plan was to buy the plastic parts for the first machine, and other parts needed for three machines. Then make the other two sets of plastic parts with the first machine. Using the SiegX0 to mill out the hotends.

But, I have revised that plan, my new plan is to build a Prusa style Wood based RepStrap "WoodRap"

I still intend to make the hotends on the mill, but of course this first needs to be fixed.

I have started to design the idea in my mind’s eye and have knocked up a quick doodle in 3DS.

I have a load of spare chunks of MDF and will be using this to make at least the first frame.

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